School programs Whalewatch Genova

The best field trip for children is whale watching in the Cetacean Sanctuary.
A four hour trip to the Pelagos Sanctuary is suitable for everyone. It is an ideal area in the Mediterranean Sea for children and students who want to discover the wonders of Liguria.

Our goal is to search out and see at all species in their natural habitats: fin whales, sperm whales, beaked whales, pilot whales, Risso’s dolphins, striped dolphins, common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins.
Trips leave from Genova Porto Antico- Calata Mandraccio, Camogli or Recco.

Explaining nature’s wonders to children

There is always a biologist on board to explain the sightings, answer questions and provide details for scientific research, as well as imbuing children with a love of nature.

Nature has its own rhythm

Searching for free animals is a long process, it requires patience. There are no specific places or times. You must be willing to sailing for hours before being rewarded with the thrill of sighting these lovely creatures.

Although sightings can’t be planned, they usually occur in calm seas and no wind, conditions that make it easier for you to spot them when they come up for air.

Excursions are for 50 children/students per trip

Prices are € 22.50 per student (minimum 50). Extra guide € 25.00

The price also applies to smaller groups/individuals that take the trip together as long as there is a minimum of 50 people on board

For larger groups (over 50) one out of 15 is free